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Antitrust Policy

Antitrust policy in Florida and throughout the United States traditionally has addressed two major areas of concern: (1) the effects on market competition of changes in industry structure due to mergers and acquisitions; and (2) the impact of various pricing policies and non-price practices on the viability of market competition. The State of Florida has long been a leader in antitrust enforcement, acting vigorously, for example, to curtail bid-rigging among road construction firms and among suppliers of milk to public school districts. Of special current concern in Florida and elsewhere is the most appropriate policy toward mergers in the health care industry, including mergers among hospitals, health maintenance organizations, nursing homes, and pharmaceutical companies. Florida officials are also concerned presently about potential violations of the antitrust laws that may have led to overcharges for health care services. PPRC can sponsor major research projects and conferences on primary areas of current antitrust concern. These activities can assist policy makers in Florida and elsewhere by: (1) providing a more refined analysis for assessing the competitive impact of prospective changes in industry structure; and (2) differentiating industry practices that enhance competition from those that undermine market competition.

Primary Antitrust Policy researchers: