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Two UF Undergraduate Economics students placed 1st and 2nd in macroeconomics and microeconomics at the National Leadership Conference for Future Business-Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda in Atlanta, GA. These students are remarkable – both of them scored the highest in their respective categories.

FBLAPBL-NLC2016-TylerRachelTyler Kolota and Rachel Behrmann each took objective tests on macroeconomics and microeconomics at the national conference for FBLA-PBL. The macroeconomics test consisted of concepts such as aggregate demand and supply, fiscal and monetary policies, and consumption and saving. The microeconomics test consisted of concepts such as distribution of income and wealth, elasticity, market failure, and production factors. They performed exceptionally well at the conference, beating competitors from all 50 states and institutions with high-ranking economics programs. Historically, the University of Florida has never had a single student place first at the national conference—until now—where we had two economics majors earn the highest marks possible in the macroeconomics and microeconomics test categories.